Synth Witch


Synth Witch sets are dynamic, smart and beautiful! Always a pleasure!
— Paul Barker - Lead Into Gold / RevCo / Puscifer / Malekko Heavy Industry
Synth Witch weaves layers of sonic badassery with every performance. We’re proud to have her use our products.
— Kris Kaiser & Stephen McCaul / Noise Engineering

Synth Witch

Over the past few years the Synth Witch (Julia More) has been a constant top act in the Pacific Northwest. Primarily focused on synthesis at an epic scale she enjoys performing with a combination of modular and keyboards all completely live. Most known for her use of Moog Sub37 and Mother 32s, she branches into modular with sound sources from Noise Engineering and lot of sequencing from Malekko Heavy Industry.

As a trans woman she is focused on centering female and non binary voices in synthesis, the Synth Witch coordinated the Modular on the Spot PDX: Women's Takeover in Portland, OR. She also facilitates at the S1 Synth Library teaching synthesis on a regular basis.

To bring the Pacific Northwest synth community even closer together, she started the Portland Synth Club in 2017 and currently resides as president in hopes to focus more marginilized voices within the community.




06.29.19 Modular on the Spot PDX

Portland, OR

06.15.19 PRIDE/SYNTH : Dark Dance w/ Xibling, Dancing Plague, Desire Beat

$5 - $50 Sliding Scale Pride Fundraiser for Ori Art Gallery

Azoth, Portland, OR

06.01.19 Alani Album Release Party w/ Alani Vierra, annnannie, Thomas Fang

Portland, OR

05.03.19 Sci-Fi Show 4.0

AFRU Art Gallery, Portland, OR

11.09.18 Into the Shadows I Festival

High Watermark, Portland, OR

09.22.18 T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi's Equinox Festival

Asheville, NC

08.25.18 Modular on the Spot PDX: Women and Non Binary Takeover

FREE Portland, OR

Killingsworth Dynasty Portland, OR

08.22.18 Signal / Logic / Control

Killingsworth Dynasty Portland, OR

08.12.18 PIG Fest 3 Industrial Gothic 3 Day Music Festival

FRIDAY - God Module / H3llb3nt / Punish Your God / The Secret Light / Die Robot / Photona
SATURDAY - 16VOLT / Unter Null / Adrian H and The Wounds / Dead Animal Assembly Plant / Murder Weapons / Xibling
SUNDAYStrap On Halo / nolongerhuman / Blakk Glass / Devoured By Flowers / Particle Son / Synth Witch

Paris Theater 6 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR

$15.00 Cover @ Door each night
$20 3 Day Pass available at

07.13.18 Songs from Under the Floorboard Showcase

Black Water Portland, OR

$8 At Door

06.09.18  Volt Divers

Synth Witch / Bello X / Vaelentine / Cult Quartet II / Crystal Myth / Ahpook / Trashfever / Cult Quartet I / Live visuals by Victoria @ Space Punk

The Lovecraft Bar Portland, OR

7pm-10pm / 21+ / $5 All proceeds donated to Trans Lifeline Microgrants

04.07.18  Thor & Friends + Norman Westberg / Volcanic Pinnacles / Synth Witch

After five years of touring as the percussionist of The Swans, Thor Harris began Thor & Friends in the autumn of 2015 as a vehicle to experiment with a cast of rotating Austin based musicians in the vein of American minimalism.

Dante's 350 West Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97209

8pm-11pm / 21+ / $10 

03.27.18 Patch CV The Modular Synthesis Revolution Documentary

Find out more about Patch CV

03.10.18 Volt Divers

The Lovecraft Bar Portland, OR

7pm-10pm / 21+ / $5 All proceeds donated to RAINN

02.10.18 Volt Divers

The Lovecraft Bar Portland, OR

7pm-10pm / 21+ / $5 All proceeds donated to the ACLU

01.04.18 Live in the Depths 18

Atlantis Lounge

8pm-12am / 21+ / Portland, OR





Explorations with two Moog Mother 32s